Sydney Educational Tours
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Sydney Educational Tours (SET) offers study tours with English language tuition at leading Australian universities, TAFE (Technical and Further Education) Colleges and private secondary schools based in Wollongong, Sydney and other cities including Canberra.


School visits/study tours by overseas students are undertaken for the purpose of meeting Australian students, teachers and other professional educators as part of educational and cultural programs.

Participation in study tours:

  • Develops international ties between students, schools and universities.
  • Provides opportunities for language study and cultural, recreational and sporting interaction.
  • Promotes sister-school/city relationships. 
  • Assists in intercultural understanding.
  • Provides opportunities for students to benefit from overseas friendships.

Programs can be tailored to the specific requirements of each group and can be oriented towards industrial or professional needs including legal, educational, social welfare, tourism and hospitality management.

All programs include a short intensive English language course, together with tours to places of interest in Canberra, Sydney and Wollongong.

English language classes are conducted at a university campus, host secondary school or TAFE college. Emphasis is placed on oral language instruction. All students attending the course and completing it satisfactorily receive a Certificate of Attainment from the relevant institution.

Tours provide excellent opportunities for students to practise their conversational English and experience Australian culture. Excursions vary depending on the duration of each tour and generally include such landmarks as Australian animal parks, famous beaches, parks and rainforests, harbour cruises, whale and dolphin watching, shopping excursions.

Study tours are an exciting way to sample life and study in Wollongong, providing an opportunity to improve your English while experiencing Australian culture firsthand. Typical study tours include English classes; visits to local schools; homestay with a local family and an exciting range of full or half day tour options.

Specialised study tours for adults and professional groups are also available to enable students to gain knowledge of the local environment of Wollongong and relevant industries.


Our study tour programs are made up of 3 components:

  1. Language: Our programs encourage a learning environment that extends beyond the classroom
  2. Activities: Our activities and excursion packages are designed and conducted by qualified and experienced tour managers.
  3. AccomodationStudents have an opportunity to live in homestay accommodation with Australian Families. University dormitory accommodation or hotel and apartments are also available depending on the time of year.